Comments and texts concerning series and exhibitions

Roberto Mufoletto - VASA - Michael Michlmayr: Time Stories

Victor BRUNEL et Rebecca COOPMAN : Le paradoxe MICHLMAYR (french)

Dr. Petra Noll-Hammerstiel: spotting (german)

Dr. Petra Noll-Hammerstiel: sun timeline - the sun outside my window (english/german)

Karin Seidner: Pairs (german)

Vasa Journal on Images and Culture: Dan Duda: Michael Michlmayr Meet Albert Einstein (english)

Vasatransmedia: Patrick Keough: Time Spaces – Michael Michlmayr’s Photographic Montages (english)

Vasatransmedia: Patrick Keough: Similar Pairs On resemblances and special affinities (english)

Montagne Magazine Clermont-Ferrand: Prendre le temps - oct10 - (pdf266kb, french)

Fotonoviembre 2009, X Inter. Biennale for Photography in Tenerifa/Spain: Catalog (FN09.pdf, 5,3mb spanish/english)

Claudia Marion Stemberger:  Time spaces   (english) 

Claudia Marion Stemberger:  Zeit Räume (german) 

Dr. Petra Noll - Szenario:  Erzählung in der zeitgenössischen Fotografie - Mai09(german)

Dr. Petra Noll - Kontinuum:  About Michael Michlmayr's Kontinuum movies - 2011(english/german)

Claudia Marion Stemberger:  ZeitRäume inszenieren und erinnern - Nov08(german) 

Karin Seidner: Time Spaces - July 08(english) 

Karin Seidner: ZeitRäume - July 08(german) 

WAZ: Artikel im WAZ-Portal Der Westen (german)

Bibliotheque(s) Magazine Paris:  Entretien de Raymond Viallon avec Michael Michlmayr - July 07(français)

Raymond Viallon: Passages (français)

Theresia Prammer:  Placed times - timed places (english)

Theresia Prammer:  Verortete Zeiten - gezeitigte Orte (german)

Wiener Zeitung Extra: Press release / june 1997 (german)

Wiener Zeitung Extra: Press release / august 2003 (german) 

Wiener Zeitung Galerie: Press release / august 2005 (german)

Mag. Carl Aigner:  Refracted Views (english)

Mag. Carl Aigner:  Brechung der Blicke (german)

Jornal do Commercio Brasil:  Press release / october 3th 2003 ( portoguese)

Le Hebdo Magazine:  Press release / june 23 th 2003 (français)

Articité (français)

Camera Austria Nr. 41

"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag

"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag